Decor Wellness® Interiors​

Reimagine your space with convenience and efficiency

Our effortless and efficient process ensures a unique experience

Our effortless and efficient
process ensures a unique experience

Discover the convenience and flexibility of Decor Wellness® Interiors. It is an efficient alternative to our traditional full-service projects. Ideal for clients who live outside the US or clients who don’t need architectural review. Our Decor Wellness® Interiors allows you to transform your space to effortlessly bring your dream home to life.

Outline of the Process

1. Design Concept


Design Concept

2. Finishes & Furniture


Finishes & Furniture

3. Pricing



4. Project Management & installation (optional)


Project Management & installation (optional)

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Benefits of Decor Wellness® Interiors

Benefits of Decor
Wellness® Interiors


Have a home that brings you wellness, focus, peace, and balance.


Maximize your time by working through the design process with our experienced team.


Receive a custom design creation plan tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

FAQ - Service Decor Wellness Interiors


Decor Wellness® Project involves architectural changes if necessary to achieve the client’s dream home, which may include tasks like wall demolition and modifications to plumbing and electrical systems. Decor Wellness® Interiors, however, primarily focuses on enhancing and styling the living space, which can include painting, wallpaper, furniture and accessories.

Decor Wellness® Interiors is tailored for those who don’t require architectural revisions, structural adjustments, electrical, or plumbing modifications. It is designed to make over the living space, aiming to realize the vision of a dream home. This transformation involves the art of enhancing finishes, including choices in wallpaper, paint, curated furniture, carpets, and tasteful accessories. This option is particularly well-suited for remote projects, where the goal is to create a harmonious living environment.

Decor Wellness® Interiors can include various rooms in the house, including traditional spaces like the bedroom, kitchen, and living room, as well as personalized areas such as game rooms, children’s play areas, TV rooms, and more.

Absolutely, customer ideas are always given careful consideration. We initiate the process with an initial meeting to define your expectations and needs. Prior to beginning the project, we present a mood board for your approval, and from there, we develop the project.

There is a set price for specific rooms. However, if the client is interested in designing the entire house, an evaluation will be required to determine the total project cost.

The duration for a single room can range from one to four months, depending on the selected room.

Portfolio Highlights

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New Memories

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St. Regis Sunshine

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South of fifth

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